Lingard-Sharp [2020] EWRB CE22237 – Final Decision

  • Complaint number: CE22237
  • EWRB number: EW132753
  • Region: Canterbury
  • Registration class: Distribution Line Mechanic
  • Decision date: 19 November 2020
  • Penalty: 147M(1)(g) - Censure 147N - Cost 147Z - Publication
  • Disciplinary grounds: Section 143(b)(ii) - Serious harm carrying out PEW Section 143(a)(i) - Negligence / Incompetence - not upheld Section 143(a)(ii) - Contrary to enactment - not upheld
  • Summary: The Respondent has committed a disciplinary offence under section 143(b)(ii) of the Act by failing to ensure testing was carried out prior to livening. The failure to test resulted in a transposition not being identified and a person receiving an electric shock. The Respondent agreed to participate in an article designed to educate other electrical workers. On that basis the Respondent is censured and ordered to pay costs of $225.

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