Park [2021] EWRB CE22309 – Final Decision

  • Complaint number: CE22309
  • EWRB number: EW114144
  • Region: Auckland
  • Registration class: Electrical Appliance Serviceperson
  • Decision date: 29 March 2021
  • Penalty: 147M(1)(e) - Complete something in subsection 2 in a certain time period
  • Disciplinary grounds: Section 143(d) - Outside limits of registration Section 143(a)(i) - Negligence / Incompetence - not upheld Section 143(a)(ii) - Contrary to enactment - not upheld Section 143(b)(ii) - Serious harm carrying out PEW - not upheld
  • Summary: The Respondent has carried out prescribed electrical work that was outside of the limits of his registration and licence. He is ordered to undertake a course of instruction.

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