Wildbore [2020] EWRB CE22194 - Final Decision

  • Complaint number: CE22194
  • EWRB number: EW024677
  • Region: Wellington
  • Registration class: Electrician
  • Decision date: 3 August 2020
  • Penalty: 147M(1)(f) - Fine 147N - Cost
  • Disciplinary grounds: Section 143(a)(i) - Negligence / Incompetence Section 143(f) - Failed to provide / false return Section 143(g) - Employed, directed, permitted unauthorised person
  • Summary: The Board found the Respondent had, on six occasions employed, directed, or permitted an unauthorised person to do prescribed electrical work, had on three occasions provided a false or misleading CoC/ESC and had on two occasions carried out or caused to be carried out prescribed electrical work in a negligent manner. The Board ordered a fine of $2,000 and costs of $450. The matter was dealt with on the basis of an agreed statement of facts.

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