Electrical Workers Registration Board Meet and Greet Schedule

These meetings are an opportunity for you to meet the Board when they are visiting your region.

A free breakfast is provided, a presentation given, and there is an opportunity for you to ask questions of the Board. Email invitations will be sent out to registered electrical workers, usually 2 weeks prior, who live in or near the region being visited.

Please note: The meeting schedule is subject to change.

Month Date City
January   -   -
February Friday 18 Cancelled
March Thursday 17 Cancelled
March Friday 18 Cancelled
April Wednesday 20 Cancelled
April Thursday 21 Cancelled
April Friday 22 Cancelled
May Thursday 19 Cancelled
May Friday 20 Cancelled
June Friday 24 Cancelled
July TBA Cancelled
August TBA TBA
September TBA TBA
October TBA TBA
November TBA TBA
December   -   -