What’s changed in the Standards, regulations and codes recently?

Find out where to learn about standards and regulation change.

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Standards and regulations change, and it doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult to keep on top of it.

Resources to help keep you up to date

Energy Safety’s monthly business update newsletter(external link) subscribe to have it emailed to you. The newsletter includes information on changes planned to standards, codes, regulations and work practices.

Energy Safety's website(external link) gives you direct access to guidelines on regulation and certification requirements.

EWRB’s Electron newsletter(external link) is sent to licensed electrical practitioners. Electron gives you a heads-up on changes that will affect you.

The Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010(external link) is available on the New Zealand Legislation website.

Electrical Standards

As a licensed person you have free access to 72 Electrical Standards, including AS/NZS 3000 through your individual EWRB Online Services login. You can also purchase them from the Standards New Zealand online bookshop(external link)

Standards New Zealand frequently publishes amendments, revisions, and new documents. They even offer a free email service - Keep me up-to-date(external link) that automatically notifies you of changes to standards relating to electrical work.

Making sure a regulation is up to date

Sometimes the latest version of a standard is not the one cited in the regulations, so you should not be using it.

There are two easy ways to confirm which standard is currently cited:

  1. Schedule 2(external link) of the regulations lists all the latest standards and codes of practice that you should use.
  2. When looking on the Standards New Zealand website look out for the hammer icon next to some of the standards. If you hover over it, it tells you what legislation the standard is cited in.

View of the Standards New Zealand website layout