Electron Issue 94

Keeping you up to date with the latest regulatory changes, exam reports, technical issues, consultation results and other issues affecting electrical workers - published December 2018

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Presiding Member's update

Portrait of Mel OrangeI had the privilege over the past month or two to attend two functions on behalf of the Board. Both showcased the talent of electrical workers and trainees. It was heartening to see the passion for the industry the participants displayed.

The first was the 2018 Annual Connections competition and awards run by Connexis. Covering a range of competitions for line mechanics and cable jointers, the awards also recognised top performing trainees in telecommunications, generation, distribution and advanced trades.

The second was the Master Electricians 2018 Conference which incorporates the Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge. The competition recognises the top commercial/residential and industrial apprentices.

Congratulations to all those that took part and to the winners of the various competitions.

The two events highlighted the importance of training and mentoring in the electrical industry. The time and effort electrical workers put into trainees is imperative to ensure the competency of our future electrical workers. The Board is also mindful of the importance of effective supervision in the training process. With this in mind the Board has developed a Supervision Companion Guide. The Guide is designed to sit alongside the Board’s current Supervision Policies. It focuses on the key aspects of supervision and provides examples and tips for good supervision as well as a risk matrix that assists electrical workers to determine the level and type of supervision required for the prescribe electrical work being undertaken. The Guide will be online before Christmas on the teaching guidelines and resources page.

The Board has also tabled its Annual Report in Parliament. The Annual Report contains a summary of the Board’s activities and key statistics. A copy of the Annual Report can be found here.

In this issue of Electron there is important information about the 2019 licensing round and a change to how electrical workers are relicensed, as well as a change to the fees structure. This change will affect future relicensing rounds, but you will still relicense similarly to normal in 2019. Please read the information carefully. We will be providing you with more information as we get closer to the window, including what the change means for you.

There are also a number of technical articles in this month’s issue. These articles will be added to the Board’s Toolbox which can be found on our website. It contains a number of useful reference resources.

Finally with the Christmas season on us the Board wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Mel Orange
Presiding Member

Fees & licensing renewal changes coming next year

From 2019 there will be important changes being made to electrical workers’ registration, licensing, relicensing and fees structures that electrical workers and employers need to be aware of.

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Computer-based Exams – A message from Aspeq

Aspeq is delighted to be delivering computer electrical worker registration exams. The first exam delivered during August 2018 was very well received. Aspeq is excited to be able to provide electrical worker examinations on a regular schedule in the future.

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Mains polarity verification testing

We’ve added two new how-to infographics to the Electrical Workers Toolbox that demonstrate safety verification polarity tests with the use of an independent earth probe.

Find out more about mains polarity verification testing

Testing and tagging electrical appliances

Testing and tagging electrical appliances is one useful way to check electrical equipment is safe. It's not mandatory but what is legally required is that equipment is electrically safe and maintained in a safe condition.

Find out more about testing and tagging electrical appliances

Toolbox – Learn from others mistakes

The team have added a helpful resource to the electrical workers toolbox called ‘Learn from others mistakes’ where you can do just that. The resource consists of photos and information displaying real life examples of unsafe and non-compliant electrical work. These photos have been taken from a variety of sources including past investigations carried out on behalf of the Electrical Workers Registration Board.

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Christmas is coming and so will the demand for caravan electrical repairs and Warrants of Electrical Fitness (WOEFs).

Electricians and Inspectors are reminded to ensure both the requirements of AS/NZS 3000:2007 and AS/NZS 3001 are met when completing work on caravans, motor homes and other transportable structures.

Learn more about the requirements when issuing WOEF's for caravans

Complaints – What happens when a complaint is made?

This is the second article about the disciplinary process. It focuses on what happens after a complaint has been made about an electrical worker.

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Disciplinary Hearings

The following is a summary of the hearings held by the Board from July through to September 2018. There are also some more detailed articles on cases the Board considers other electrical workers could learn from.

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Notable Disciplinary Hearings

Notable Disciplinary Hearings from July to September 2018

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EWRB v Tu Nguyen

The Board successfully prosecuted Mr Nguyen who was fined $2,550 for carrying out unauthorised prescribed electrical work on his property and letting a university student do so as well.

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